Free Empowerment For Nigerian Youths Through BONALOT INITIATIVE

ARIGOG FOUNDATION is a non-governmental organization committed to the empowerment of Nigeria’s youth. Operating through its subsidiary, BONALOT INITIATIVE, the foundation organizes extensive workshops and seminars, emphasizing the acquisition of artisan skills by participants. The primary objective is to foster entrepreneurship among these individuals, empowering them to generate employment opportunities rather than relying on traditional employment. The organization has effectively catalyzed positive change by actively championing empowerment initiatives. Our core belief is that youth are the future leaders, and our primary focus is on shaping the foundation of the nation’s future.

We closely partner with a meticulously selected group of institutes to ensure that our youth have access to the best opportunities in the field of free empowerment training. Through strategic collaborations with these esteemed institutes, we grant our young individuals access to top-tier training, innovative designs, and exceptional craftsmanship, all with the goal of shaping a brighter future.